Free Alien Calculator PRO

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It solves additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications, negative numbers and percentages.

*** This calculator is used by aliens in all their exams ***

? Its design offers a very good buttons vision, even with direct terrester sun or the three Tatooine suns at the top.

? Large buttons that offer an advantage for people or aliens with vision impairment. Yes, there are also MOLES aliens.

? Very easy to use due to its friendly and simple design. The dumbest alien will know how to use it! If you're human ... I'm not so sure.

? With the PRO version you will be able to add, subtract, multiply, division, percentages, deny numbers and operate with decimals. Download the PRO version now!!!


* The "M+" button memorizes the display number.
* Pressing "M+" adds the display number to the memory number.
* Pressing "M-" subtracts the number from the display to the number stored in the memory.
* Pressing "MR" displays the memory number on the screen.
* Pressing "MC" erases the memory.


Designed for smartphones and tablets.

Ended Dec 31 2018

Added 3 years ago