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Future Whey

The future of protein is here

At Bulk Nutrients, we're at the forefront of supplement technology and development.

With Future Whey, we've taken protein drinks on the biggest leap forward they've seen in decades.

Future Whey presents a brand new way to take protein and it's good for everyone.

100% dairy free.

That’s right, Future Whey is free from dairy and lactose that often cause digestive discomfort.

This also takes away the heavy, creamy experience of regular proteins replacing it with a fresh crisp taste.

Zero Carbs. Zero Fats.

Yes, you read that correctly. Future Whey contains only pure protein and a sprinkle of flavouring/sweetener.

This makes it ideal for comp preppers, those dieting or anyone wanting the ultimate pure protein.

No digestive discomfort.

If dairy or lactose cause you digestive discomfort then Future Whey could be your ultimate workout buddy.

Being totally free from dairy and lactose means that Future Whey doesn't cause any bloating.

Ended Jun 30 2017

Added 10 months ago