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Once upon a time, Barker Moon was a sorcerer to be reckoned with.
But the last time he used his powers, people died – and Barker still can’t remember how or why.
Tonight, seven years later, Barker’s legendary powers are returning.
But so too is his past – and a creature of immense, reality-warping power – an ancient demon, still trapped within an accursed mansion, deep in the darkest hills.
Now, the only way for Barker to save his friends, his city, and ultimately himself, is to do the thing he fears most… to once again face the demon he was forced to summon.
Can Barker negotiate the traps that have been set for him – and regain his powers?
Or will Barker – and the souls of everyone he cares for – remain lost within the demon’s demented, living maze – and become damned forever?

Ended Jan 31 2018

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