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It’s never too early to start a healthy life

We know that all parents want to give their little ones a great start in life, but how many actually take the time to make educated choices when it comes to baby products? To read about how chemicals and synthethics are affecting our planet and sensitive baby skin? The anwer is: far too few. However, as you are reading this, we are guessing that you are one of the curious ones, those determined to make a change for the better. Congratulations! You now qualify as a Naty Ambassador.

As we see it, being a Naty Ambassador is not about products, but about taking a stand and making a difference by using products that are certified good for both your baby and the envi- ronment. What are you waiting for? Join 59 486 other parents as a Naty Ambassador!

Ended Jun 30 2017

Added 10 months ago