Free Fluent Japanese From Anime and Manga: How to Learn Japanese Vocabulary, Grammar, and Kanji the Easy and Fun Way Kindle Edition


This is a book dedicated to answering the question of how to speak Japanese fluently by extensively reading and listening to native Japanese language materials like anime and manga. If you are looking for a Japanese language textbook that teaches Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and kanji, you will not find it here. But if you are struggling with the question of how to learn Japanese or if you have trouble remembering the Japanese language that you have learned, why not try something new and different?

Half of the people who see the title to this book might be thinking, "Learn Japanese by watching anime? What a load of crap!" Such a thing certainly sounds like a crazy pipe dream that a great number of anime fans share. And if you watch anime with English subtitles like most people, Japanese fluency will remain merely a dream. You will not learn Japanese outside a small handful of basic words.

If you turned off the English subtitles, however, you would be taking your first steps towards a successful Japanese language learning program. Of course, this is not the only step either. The following steps contained within this book describe a fascinating process of how anyone can learn Japanese to fluency through the material he or she watches and reads for fun.

Inside of this book is a system that allows you to learn and never forget thousands of new Japanese vocabulary words, phrases, grammar points, and kanji that you encounter from any Japanese language source of your choice. This includes anime, manga, dramas, movies, videos, music, video games, visual novels, and anything else that comes from Japan.

Use this book to help you learn Japanese language from Dragon Ball, Sword Art Online, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, One Punch Man, Death Note, Bleach, Attack on Titan, and any other content from Japan!

Ended Oct 31 2018

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