Free Heavy Dreams


The year is 2060. You go into your attic, and you find an old laptop. Ancient stuff, maybe 2010s. Out of curiosity, you plug it in to see what happens, and to your shock, it works! You decide to explore. The further you go, the more you discover about Jay Zhang, the former owner of the laptop, his exploits, and his ultimate fate. Uncover the secrets of this boy, and find out what happened on that laptop almost 50 years ago.


- Search through a boy’s computer, solve hidden puzzles, and discover what happened to cause the computer to end up where it did. Puzzles will take you through journal entries, mini games, and other apps on the computer.

- Navigate through files and comics that Jay wrote and retro video games that Jay played – in short, get acquainted with the person behind the screen.

- No app is without purpose - everything either asks a question or gives an answer.

- Laugh, cry, and roll your eyes at a child throughout his teenage years.

Ended Sep 15 2018

Added 1 year ago