Free Multi-Text PRO

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THIS IS NOT A SEPARATE TEXTING APP ITSELF - rather this app serves to use your default messaging app. This app helps make exhaustive tasks simple, as well as serve as an "answering machine" through auto text mode.

- write a message once, and pick any and all of the recipients you wish to receive the message. This is done individually, which means everyone in the group is not receiving everyone else's replies. Mass texting made easy!

- Set up timed text messages to an individual or to a group of people.

- Turn on auto reply mode. This mode will receive incoming text messages and automatically reply to them. This mode has a notification at the top of the device for quick control. Custom message can be set. (for example: I am asleep right now, I will get back up with you")

- Everything this app does goes into a log for your viewing. But more importantly, it is done with your default messaging app, so you can go there to see as well.

- Group creation for making mass texting to the same people a lot quicker. (for example your work associates)

-This app is simply a useful local tool that helps add functionality to your default messaging app through a clean and simple user interface.

Ended Oct 31 2018

Added 3 years ago