Free Photography In A Bundle: Lightroom CC +DSLR Photography+Photoshop Kindle Edition

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Lightroom CC

The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Digital Photographers

Lightroom CC from Adobe is photo editing software that can help any digital photographer produce beautiful, professional photographs. The only requirements you need are creativity, imagination, and a digital camera. With Lightroom your images can be enhanced with a few simple steps; you can turn dark or hazy images into bright well-lit photographs and bring out the color, warmth, and fine details with ease.
This book will show you how to use Lightroom to get the best pictures possible. Each chapter focuses on important elements of using this software effectively.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

How to create a collection and add photos across all devices.
Edit your photos using features such as contrast, preset adjustments, or grain and vignette for artistic expression.
Share your faboulous photos.
And much more.

Lightroom CC is the perfect software choice for every level of photography from beginner to pro. Learning how to use this powerful software will make your photography experience the best it can be. Your memories will look better than ever and they can be shared with everyone everywhere.


The Beginners Crash Course in DSLR Photography

DSLR photography requires more knowledge than taking pictures with your phone. Your phone is great for taking pictures, it is always available, and it weighs less than a pound. Something wonderful takes place and you can just whip out that phone, point and shoot!
If you have fallen in love with photography and want to graduate to DSLR, you will need a bit of learning to get you started.
The photos you will produce with your DSLR will have a quality that cannot be matched by a point and shoot phone. Your hobby is about to get more involved and you will be amazed with the pictures you create.

If you are a bit overwhelmed by all of the settings on your new DSLR camera this is the book that will teach you everything you need to know.
All you need to get started is this book and a good DSLR camera; you can always acquire lenses and other equipment as you progress.

With this guide, you will learn about:

Manual and Priority Modes.
When and How to Adjust Aperture.
Macro Photography.
Lenses and Other Photography Equipment.


The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Photoshopping in 2016

From Beginner To Pro In 24 Hours

Photoshop. It’s a verb, it’s noun. It puts dynamite in the hands of a dinosaur and Robert Downey Jr. in an Iron Man suit.
For decades it had been the premiere photo editing software in the world and it only keeps getting better.
Yet it is confusing, with different version and a host of features that make little sense to the layman, Photoshop can be a little intimidating. That is where this guide comes in.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

Photoshop Elements.
Photoshop Creative Cloub.
And much more.

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