Free Zquirrels: Evolution

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Zquirrels loves their colorful world, but they would also love to invite You to join them. They need lots of nuts, to make their dreams come true. And now, they are looking for someone to take care of them, remember about their needs and give them good advices in personal growth.

Plan the Zquirrel's actions to make sure, that she won't run short of nuts...
...or even make her the nuts tycoon!

Zquirrels not only love cleaning themselves and eating...
...but they also have to do it. Don't forget about that!

Help your Zquirrel to choose right skills for her progress...
...and see the changes, depending on your decisions!

Wait or do something else, while your Zquirrel is doing her activities...
...or fasten it by breaking bubbles!

Meet new Zquirrels and their individual characters...
...and every time be surprised!

Zquirrels wait for You. Just lead them through their every day routine!n

Ended Oct 31 2017

Added 4 years ago