Get a Free'Maternity Mark' Badge from Pregsafeâ„¢

Pregsafeâ„¢ is a community concept that originated in Tokyo, Japan, where small badges or'Maternity Mark' badges are worn by pregnant women to help initiate a more pregnant-friendly society, both in public and in the workplace. By wearing one of these badges while you are pregnant, you are helping your surrounding community to become more aware of your needs during your pregnancy. It may be something as simple as a person giving up their seat for you on public transport, or offering to assist you when feeling ill from morning sickness - all of these things attribute to a pregnancy and family friendly society; and all of these things are made more possible when you wear a Maternity Mark. If you'd like to be a part of this initiative and claim your free'Maternity Mark' badge simply apply via the online registration form found on the Pregsafeâ„¢ website.

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