Share your tips and win $10,000

SHARE YOUR SAVINGS TIPS AND WIN $10,000! * For a lot of young people, saving is a mystery. An entire paycheck is spent every month and often we don't know where it all goes. We complain that we don't earn enough money, or that after paying for our monthly costs, there's very little left. The secret to saving though is simple: Spend less money than you earn. Honestly, that's it. The key to saving is to identify all of the things that you spend your money on, and then try to either cut back, find cheaper alternatives, or avoid it altogether. Whether it is cycling to work, packing your own lunch or avoiding buying new clothes for a while, there are numerous ways we can cut back on our spending. So we want to hear from you - Tell us in 25 words or less what your best saving tip is? Here's the best part - we're going to give a $10,000 NetBank Saver account to the person with the best answer! Every week the best answers will be featured on this website, so check back weekly to see if you're picked.

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